Another new tea. Blackberry leaf, red clover blossom and mint blended with toasted lemon and fennel seed. Immune system support, anti-inflammatory, allergy relief, a digestive and mildly antiseptic. It’s got it all going on.

Why Four Thieves?
According to folklore, in 1630 during the great plague of my nearby city of Toulouse, four thieves would rob the corpses of the victims. When they were eventually caught they traded their secret in return for their lives. They had survived by rubbing themselves with this blend of herbs, infused in oil. This made a powerful antiseptic - antiviral, antibacterial and anti-infectious. It stimulates the immune system, circulation and respiratory system, protecting against colds, flu and viruses. Over the generations and world the recipe has been adapted and added to; infused as vinegar, maybe with garlic added but this is the original, Toulousian blend of rosemary, thyme, lavender and wild marjoram.

Making mouthwash. I’m making this for a sufferer of recurring gingivitis that won’t clear up, despite antibiotics. I’m working with sage/sauge, mint/menthe and the roots of wood avens/benoîte. Sage is antibacterial, antiseptic and antimicrobial, the mint is also antiseptic and analgesic, helping make it more palatable. The benoîte/wood avens root is a traditional french plant for mouth problems, often used to treat mouth infections,  ulcers, abscesses and swellings. It’s astringent action reduces swelling and helps close the gap between the gums and teeth. It has a taste a little like cloves. I’m making both a strong decoction and a tincture form and adding a little Camargue salt to the mouthwash to act as a disinfectant.


Foods that, with regular consumption, can make you a happier and more relaxed and peaceful person. Here are the things you need to consume for that.
- Bananas: Bananas contain serotonin, a substance which mingles with your body and ups the happy hormones and downs the stress and negative emotions,…

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